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Periodontal disease is a serious dental condition that can negatively affect one’s smile for life. It can result in the loss of natural teeth, gum tissue, and bone. Once it fully develops, it can only be controlled and not reversed, unless in the early stages such as gingivitis. However, Dr. Kim wants to stress the importance of a healthy smile for the best function and beauty a patient could ask for!

It is important that patients take proper care of their dental health to avoid the development of this condition. This begins with home health care. Patients can maintain a healthy smile by brushing and flossing after every meal to remove food particles and plaque. Patients who visit their dentist regularly for examinations and cleanings also have a lowered risk of developing periodontal disease and other problems such as oral cancer.

Patients who have already developed periodontal disease need to be under a different regimen than someone who does not have this condition. Periodontal treatment often starts at the dental office with a procedure called scaling and root planing. During this procedure, the hygienist will thoroughly clean the teeth and the roots to remove as much bacteria and plaque as possible. These patients may need to be seen more frequently by their hygienist and Dr. Kim than the normal 6 month check-up.

Afterwards, patients may be recommended to use Perio Protect, a periodontal treatment that is administered at home to protect the teeth from bacteria. This can help maintain a healthy smile between appointments and ensure patients are keeping their teeth in the best condition possible.

If you are considering a quality dentist who cares about the health and condition of his patients’ smiles, contact us to learn more about periodontal treatment, cosmetic dentistry, and other services offered through our practice. The doctor is happy to meet with new patients to determine appropriate treatment plans to improve or maintain their dental health and well-being.