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Tooth Restoration

Dental caries or dental cavities are the most common disease known to man. Tooth decay occurs when bacterial acids begin to eat away at the tooth enamel. This can cause patients to feel sensitivity when they eat sweets or drink hot or cold beverages.

When cavities are small to moderate size, a tooth can be restored with a filling. Fillings can be different materials. Years ago, fillings were generally silver amalgam, especially fillings in back teeth. Nowadays, fillings can be made from tooth-colored materials. These tooth-colored fillings contain no mercury as the older silver amalgam fillings do. Mercury in the silver amalgam fillings has been alleged by some people to have health hazards, and it is unsightly. Silver amalgam fillings tend to weaken teeth and many teeth with these fillings can crack over a number of years. To help prevent teeth from cracking, the tooth-colored fillings that Dr. Kim places are bonded into place. This bonding process helps to restore a tooth to more of its original strength before it ever had a cavity or filling, and helps prevent teeth from cracking or breaking.

When it comes to filling teeth, Dr. Kim prefers to use tooth-colored fillings. These fillings are made with composite bonding and are created to match the color and appearance of the tooth to blend in. Many patients who have tooth-colored fillings are unable to see them. Tooth-colored fillings are just as strong and effective as silver amalgam fillings, without the risks and unsightly appearance.

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