Teeth Whitening

Are you dissatisfied with the dullness of your teeth?

Have you tried to get rid of stains and discoloration without success?

Do you want a smile rejuvenation solution that really works?

Then you may be an ideal candidate for professional teeth whitening


Consumers are bombarded with a wide variety of teeth whitening products in the pharmacy aisles of their local department and drug store. With strips, toothpastes, trays, and rinses to choose from, you could easily select a product, only to find that it is not effective in providing a brighter smile. Dr. Wook Kim of Orland Park, Illinois is proud to offer high quality, professional grade whitening treatment for his patients. His products and methods are proven to significantly whiten teeth.

Properly used, take home whitening trays are more effective than the in-office whitening advertised by many dentists. In-office whitening produces quick results, but can also increase the tooth sensitivity. Results are not as long-lasting as those achieved with at home whitening, and these “fast” whitening solutions can be quite expensive. Teeth whitening with prescription strength bleaching agents and custom fit trays are affordable, fulfilling greater long-term value than in-office treatments or over the counter remedies.

Dr. Kim supplies a teeth whitening kit to use in the convenience and privacy of your home, every day to whiten teeth gently. These trays are fabricated from impressions of your dental arch to fit comfortably and snugly over teeth. He provides instruction on how to place whitening gel in the trays, how to use the trays for effective results, and how long to wear them for gorgeous results that last. Having the trays on hand makes periodic touch ups easy, so you maintain a brilliant smile for life!

Don’t throw your hard-earned money away on whitening products that don’t work or fit your lifestyle. Under Dr. Kim’s care, you’ll get a beautiful return on your smile investment.

Would you like to learn more about the ease and effectiveness of professional tooth whitening? Contact Dr. Kim in Orland Park, Illinois today to schedule a consultation appointment. He and his team of hygiene professionals will be happy to talk with you about custom trays for whitening at home.