Dentures: A sensible solution

When a tooth has been broken or has been affected by conditions such as gum disease or severe decay, a patient may consider removal of the tooth. In some cases, root canal therapy may be considered to save the tooth, and in others, restorative services such as dental crowns may help. However, when these options are not appropriate, extraction and replacement of the tooth may be a better consideration.

Full Dentures

Full dentures are used to replace an upper or lower arch of teeth. These are made to be cosmetically appealing and allow patients to achieve a more beautiful smile. When Dr. Kim is working with patients who have very few natural teeth left, full dentures are a possible solution. They can also be used in conjunction with dental implants which will provide more stability and chewing power for the dentures.

Partial Dentures

Patients who are missing multiple teeth can consider the placement of partial dentures. Partial dentures are created with a metal, plastic, or silicone framework that fits into place. It uses false teeth to fill in the gaps left by missing teeth. These are fabricated to match the color and shape of the natural teeth to blend in and look aesthetically pleasing in the smile.

During your initial appointment, Dr. Kim will speak with you about your options and the best choice for your personal situation.

If you’re ready to proceed with dentures or any other type of dental treatment, it’s time to speak with a dental professional such as Dr. Kim.