The advantages of fixed bridgework

The loss of natural teeth can have an adverse effect on the functionality and appearance of the smile. When patients are missing natural teeth, they may experience a myriad of issues. Existing teeth can shift out of place and result in unwanted gaps and changes in the bite. Dr. Kim encourages patients who have experienced the loss of teeth from trauma, extraction, disease, or any other means, to consider restoration of the area to ensure a healthy, beautiful smile.

A restorative treatment often considered by patients who have experienced tooth loss is dental bridges. They are used to replace missing teeth. The advantages of fixed bridgework include: restores normal appearance, restores normal chewing, stays in the mouth at all times, keeps adjacent teeth and opposing teeth from shifting or drifting.

Dr. Kim can also provide partial dentures for patients seeking an alternative to dental bridges. Partial dentures are removable and more affordable than fixed bridgework. They are often used for patients who don’t want a permanent fixture. When patients visit Dr. Kim for their initial examination to determine the best restoration, they will often be educated on the benefits and disadvantages of each to make a knowledgeable decision in regards to their smile.

If you are interested in tooth replacement options such as bridges or partial dentures, please call Dr. Kim today at (708) 349-3990 to schedule a consultation.